English wines: a good vintage and above average crop.

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English wine producers are expecting 2013 to be one of their better harvests of the past several years, unlike many of their counterparts in France.Grape picking is getting underway across most estates from this week.

There are no official projections for size, but quantity is almost certain to up on last year. No records are expected to be broken but a good vintage and an above average crop seem almost certain’

In the south western region of Cornwall, Camel Valley has already picked early Pinot Noir and Rondo, although Chardonnay, late Pinot and Seyval blanc are ‘a week or two away’.

Bolney Estate’s MD and winemaker, Sam Linter, said the harvest is around two weeks late, but the vines are still green and healthy, ‘allowing the grapes to catch the last bit of ripening’.

‘Our Pinot Noir for red wine is looking particularly good,’ she said, adding that overall quantity is still a little below average.

Among the newer English wineries to be established, Hattingley Valley started its harvest last week with Pinot Noir Precoce, an early ripening clone of Pinot Noir and the main component of the firm’s rose wine.

‘We are very pleased with the quality of the grape samples coming in so far and the expected warm weather this week will accelerate the harvest,’ Hattingley winemaker Emma Rice said.
‘The vineyard team, led by Romain Henrion, has done an amazing job in keeping disease under control and defending the vines from wasps, badgers and birds.’

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