El Celler de Can Roca

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El Celler is a free-style restaurant, committed to the avant-garde, but still faithful to the memory of different generations of the family's ancestors dedicated to feeding people.

El Celler de Can Roca's commitment to cuisine and to the avant-garde, and its link to academia, has led it to defend the dialogue between the countryside and science, a total dialogue.

Top 5 Wine Restaurants

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Barcelona: Monvínic
Some 30 bottles from Monvínic's list of nearly 4,000 are available by the glass and chef Sergi de Meià provides the top-notch tapas.

London: Terroirs
This natural-wine bar leans toward organic wines made with minimal intervention. Balanced against that purity are Terroirs' addictive "duck scratchings," basically salty nuggets of deep-fried duck skin.

Best wine deals

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The reputation of Spanish wine has changed enormously in recent years, and Catalonia is one of the regions that is now attracting attention from international connoisseurs as well as visitors.

There was a time when Spanish wine meant plonk, and the only Spanish vintage to have any international acclaim was Rioja. Nowadays, Spain has many different wine-growing regions, producing a range of increasingly high-quality wines.