Shiraz, or Syrah (Persian: شیراز), is a variety of grape used in wine. It is called Syrah in France, Argentina, Chile, and most of the United States. In South Africa, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand it is known as Shiraz. In Australia it used to be called Hermitage up to the late 1980s. It should not be confused with Petite Sirah, a synonym for Durif, which is a different type of grape. Syrah is the offspring of two obscure French varieties, Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche. (Dureza, native to the Ardèche, Mondeuse Blanche "White Mondeuse", native to the Savoie). The grape also has many other synonyms that are used in various parts of the world including Antourenein Noir, Balsamina, Candive, Entournerein, Hignin Noir, Marsanne Noir, Schiras, Sirac, Syra, Syrac, Serine, and Sereine. Shiraz also has one of the highest wine serving temperatures at 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius).