"M" in wine glossary


The contact of grape skins with the must during fermentation, extracting phenolic compounds including tannins, anthocyanins, and aroma.


A wine showing Madeira-like flavour, generally evidence of oxidation. Sometimes used to describe white wine that has been kept long past its prime.


A bottle holding 1.5 litres, the equivalent of two regular wine bottles.

Malolactic fermentation

Also known as malo or MLF, a secondary fermentation in wines by lactic acid bacteria during which tart tasting malic acid is converted to softer tasting lactic acid.


French for "fruit skins". See "pomace".

Master of Wine

A qualification (not an academic degree) conferred by The Institute of Masters of Wine, which is located in the United Kingdom.

May wine

A light German wine flavored with sweet woodruff in addition to strawberries or other fruit.


Merlot is a variety of wine grape used to create a popular red wine.

Mis en bouteille au château

French for "bottled at the winery," usually in Bordeaux.


A wine-like alcoholic beverage made of fermented honey and water rather than grape juice.

Méthode Champenoise

Process whereby sparkling wines receive a second fermentation in the same bottle that will be sold to a retail buyer. Compare with Charmat or bulk fermented.


A large bottle holding six litres, the equivalent of eight regular wine bottles.


The controlled exposure of wine to small amounts of oxygen in the attempt to reduce the length of time required for maturation.


A tasting term for the feel and taste of a wine when held in the mouth.


A French term referring to a viticultural problem in which grape bunches contain berries of greatly differing size and levels of maturity. Caused by cool weather during flowering.

Monastrell /Mourvendre/Mataro grape variety

Monastrell in its native Spain, Mataro in Australia and California) and Mourvedre in France is a black-skinned variety that has been grown in vineyards all around the western Mediterranean for centuries. Thought to have originated in Catalonia, Spain, it is now grown extensively throughout the Iberian Peninsula, southern France (North Catalonia), California and South Australia.


See "Lees".

Mulled wine

Wine that is spiced, heated, and served as a punch.


Unfermented grape juice, including pips, skins and stalks.

Must weight

The level of fermentable sugars in the must and the resultant alcohol content if all the sugar was converted to ethanol.